Write an asp program for hit counter

NET is relatively straight-forward, adding a counter to a plain HTML page no scripting of any kind is a little different. If you want to put this file in a sub-folder, you can do so e. HttpApplication and add the following shaded lines of code: If you want to count only unique page hits with-in a session then you can use isNew method to check if same page already have been hit with-in that session.

AddSeconds ; cookie. AddSeconds 60 ; Response. Increase global variable every time either doGet or doPost method is called.

MeasureString method and SizeF object. Point your browser to the new virtual directory. ToString curInt ; sw. All of the other properties are just for applying colors and formatting and they all should work in the normal way.

Each file contains the value of a single counter creating a one-to-one relationship between a counter and its data file, making counter reads and updates fast. In this case, the code sets the cookie to expire in two minutes.

Installing and Using the Sample Code Use the following steps to install the sample: This value can be read inside init method when filter would be initialized next time. The style of the counter is totally configurable from within the Visual Studio designer.

This step is also optional. If the value is set to False then the counter is incremented but the counter is not displayed on the page. MeasureString counterValue,counterFont ; g. However, you should decrease its value again when the Session ends. If required, you can use a database table to store the value of global variable in destroy method.

Page Hit Counter using ASP.NET and JScript .NET

This Global class is defined in the file Global. NET applications, but I wanted it to be very easy to deploy. If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

Firstly, I have overridden the TagKey property of the WebControl to tell it to send a table tag rather than the default span tag.You can display value of the global counter to show total number of hits on your web site. This step is also optional.

Total Number of Hits 6. Hit Counter for a Website: { // This is optional step but if you like you // can write hitCount value in your database.

} } Now let us compile the above servlet and create the following entries. Jan 29,  · How to Count number of times website visited and online users in mi-centre.com using C# and mi-centre.com Re: counting total visits in particular page - C# Corner,using global aspx file views reviews Hit.

The code provided below is one of the simplest hit counters that can be made mi-centre.com A text document (mi-centre.com) is placed in the same directory (providing that directory has write access, you may need to place mi-centre.com document in your cgi-bin depending on your provider) as.

The HTML img tag's src attribute refers to an mi-centre.com page that handles the details of retrieving the counter's current value from a file, updating the counter, and returning an image that contains, among other things, the value of the counter.

You can add a link to the image, making the counter click-able, as shown in the following listing. Hello, I have attempted to write a simple hit counter using both *.txt files and *.xml files. The hit counters seem to work locally, however, when I upload these files Reviews: 6.

Free Hit Counter / Web Counter.

Easy to use Hit Counter

Just how configurable are our free hit counters (also known as web counters), and why should you use one? Firstly it is completely optional whether to .

Write an asp program for hit counter
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