Urban sustainability worksheet

Other external benefits include improved air quality from reduced fuel consumption limiting nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, and other gases that contribute to air pollution. It also relys on accessibility to all people in the community so that the mode of transportation is the most convenient and easiest to use for everyone.

Learn about examples of structural racism and the relationship between structural racism and sustainability. Dongtan is designed to utilize various types of renewable energycoming as close as possible to carbon neutrality.

Additionally, reducing the overall aggregate electrical load significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Seattle, A Case Study In this video, you will: The development is achieving its social sustainability by requiring that 22 percent of scattered units be permanently affordable housing.

At Newington, 90 percent of the plantings are native species. In addition, attention to building wellness today helps avoid future costs of corrections.

Equity Foundations

Furthermore, Newington does not provide any affordable housing. Sustainable corridors and biophilia: Such low-density development is a characteristic of urban sprawlwhich is the major cause Urban sustainability worksheet high dependence on private automobilesinefficient infrastructure, increased obesity, loss of farmlands and natural habitats, pollution, and so on.

Sustainable Corridors also include biodiversity corridors to allow animals to move around communities so that they may still live in and around cities. High performance buildings and infrastructure: Understand the differences in narratives, framing, and messaging and the relationships between communications tactics.

Building Racial Equity Teams In this video, you will: The cost evaluations of high performance building should account for the economic, social, and environmental benefits that accompany green buildings.

Develop skill at articulating a compelling story for racial equity and sustainability in cities. Unfortunately, the development failed to build neighborhood centers with walk-to services, which perpetuates automobile dependence.

Gain an increased understanding of a racial equity framework, including definitions of key terms such as 1 racial equity, 2 implicit and explicit bias, and 3 individual, Urban sustainability worksheet, and structural racism. Redevelopment of the village was completed inbut further development is still occurring.

Be able to consider key factors for success in advancing racial equity within sustainability in your own jurisdictions and how to find the racial equity story for your community. Integrated design Systems-oriented design focuses on improving the performance of the entire roadway system.

Its principal conclusion was that the sustainability of a city could not be measured by form alone, and that processes were critical to measure sustainability. Learn about a Racial Equity Tool and how it can be applied, focusing on case studies.

As conceived by urban planners, it helps achieve greater jobs—housing balance, but it is likely to leave the sense of place unaddressed. Upton, Northampton, England[ edit ] Upton is part of the southwest district of Northampton, England, lying between the existing town edge and the motorway.

Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development [32]. Facilitation guide for using the program Guides participants in how to use the videos and homework assignments to advance their practice and also provides links to additional resources.

Maximize the use of controlled daylighting, which can then be augmented by high quality artificial lighting. The IGLUS Project at EPFL is a global action research network which is aimed at improving performance of cities in the areas of efficiency, resilience and sustainability by promoting more innovative governance approaches in urban infrastructure systems.

It promotes comprehensive performance improvements, compounds environmental benefits and potentially offers substantial cost savings. International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI supports policy, good governanceand local governmental practices to improve sustainability and resilience.

This process looks at optimum orientation and maximizes the thermal efficiency of the building envelope windows, walls, roof while also considering the interaction of the HVAC, lighting, and control systems. Parks, lakes and other public open space will be scattered around the densely designed neighborhoods.

Key Terminology In this video, you will: As soon as the first residents move in, a twice-hourly bus service will begin running in the neighborhoods. Identify opportunities to advance racial equity within policies, practices, and programs in your own city.

Other green technologies being implemented include green roofsmicrocombined heat and power micro-CHPrainwater harvesting systems, and PV systems.

Gain an increased understanding of how change happens in organizations and the key considerations for building organizational capacity to advance racial equity across functions and hierarchy in their city. Upton is currently developing its transit system.

Develop shared language and analysis Create a plan for integrating equity into sustainability programs Build a team of people to work together on racial equity By the numbers More than 80 local government sustainability leaders already have used the modules to learn about adding an equity lens to sustainability.

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Be prepared to address barriers and potential opposition to developing a team.• What is sustainability? Student Worksheet, one copy for each student, provided • Sustainability Venn diagram, provided • Chart of activities for Think-Pair-Share #2, provided • Small pink and green post-it notes (or you may use red and green markers) •.

More than 80 local government sustainability leaders already have used the modules to learn about adding an equity lens to sustainability.

Sustainability leaders from more than 40 cities completed the final Crafting an Equity Project Plan worksheet.

Running head: URBAN SUSTAINABILITY 2 Fulton, New York is a small city in Central New York, situated on the Oswego River. It has a population of approximately 11, people and an average income level of $31, At one time, Fulton was a bustling city with several factories and mills.

Today, the majority of the factories have shut down. Sustainability is a key component to professional practice in urban planning and urban design along with its related disciplines landscape architecture, architecture, and civil and environmental engineering. Urban Sustainability in Theory and Practice Urban Sustainability in Theory a nd Practice responds to the crises of sustainability in the world today by going back to basics.

It makes four major contributions to thinking about and acting upon cities. It provides a means of reflexively learning about urban sustainability in the process of. The ability of a city to continue to operate without running out of resources or harming the environment.

The ability of a city to remain the same .

Urban sustainability worksheet
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