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We closed our short positions and sold few long terms Put options, looking for the volatility to wind-down Follow Lucid Capital and get email alerts Your feedback matters to us! Illusions on fabric, Thesis display and furniture Fashion Marketing and Thesis display put up colorful displays of the well-known brands in the country: Want to share your opinion on this article?

Published in The Express Tribune, February 20th, A student had chosen coral and white colors and designed clothes according to the different stages of an immortal jellyfish: Some of the best work, was that Thesis display inspiring designer, Fatima Hasan Ali, who used the title under Suzani Embroidery and Moraccan Tiles.

Titled Candy with Fusion of Puzzle, Jawed played with pastel colours on suede and cotton satin. The graduating students take this event to be the acme of their hard work, setting up their designated Thesis display elaborately in order to attract not just the general public that would show appreciation for their work, but also designers and marketers who would promise a lucrative and bright future for them.

Thesis display: NCA students wow visitors with their creativity

They were very eye-catching and prominent, but did not attract many visitors, who seemed too familiar with them and wanted to explore the more unfamiliar displays by the students.

I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. Shayan Ahmed, perhaps in his attempt to be innovative, sculpts little babies as he hangs them by a tree in different colours.

The thesis display continues till January Amongst the printmakers, a graduate who earned honours, Xahra Hafeez uses symbols such as suitcases and watermelons to overcome obstacles. Each student had a separate theme chosen at the commencement of the year, which dictated the entire display at the event.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 6th, A few students had tried to be too abstract, and while their ideas were commendable, their work fell short of expectations.

Moreover, ornaments from these traditions also peeked in through the designs on the fabrics. Samsung expects that its growth will explode from K units to 3M by Another student had incorporated Jewish flowers, Christian nun capes and Muslim shuttlecock burqa patterns in her clothes to produce a wonderful demonstration of religious harmony.

Thesis Display 2018 held at FJWU

The designer felt that the response to her theme Extra-terrestrial, was appreciated by the viewers as many orders came through. Out of 12 students, five earned distinctions while two received honours by the jury comprising Ayisha Khalid, a miniature artist, art critic Nafisa Rizwi and sculptor David Elsworth.

Her work comprised multi-purpose objects — sofas, storage boxes, drawers and tables. Hudebiya Anwar took a more of a spiritual turn as she drew motivation from her visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi while Mehad Akhtar spread the ecological message of trees and recycling.

Can Automotive be a White Swan? Insiders have been selling en masse. OLED for automotive seems to cross the chasm. Be it self-discovery or a well-researched subject, the students managed to put out work that perhaps speaks for them and their skill.

Some new car concepts are using flexible OLEDstrying to innovate car displays.

Revisiting Universal Display Short Thesis

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. There are times when you give your dreams so much importance that they become a burden. While that may be over-optimistic the automotive seems to cross the chasm and emerges as the 3rd pillar for AMOLED on top of TV panels and smartphones.

Disagree with this article? Perhaps the new age has finally arrived in the twin cities as students boldly experimented with contemporary ideas. Heera Shakoor, a distinction holder, uses mixed media to paint herself but disregards vanity as she paints her mirror image bald and without facial hair, her skill with the brush is apparent in the subtle detailing.

This category had very few students compared to fashion, textile and fashion marketing, but it revealed a talent that was highly inspirational and enriching.

Leather and Footwear incoporating versatile themes Fashion Design was perhaps the next best showcase of talent, commitment and creativity.Rawalpindi Fatima Jinnah Women University Student’s of MFA and BFA exhibited their creative and innovative art work in a “Thesis Display ” here on Friday.

The display of was a magnificent show of creativity, innovation and professional approach of the Fine Arts students.

Vice Chancellor of National College of Arts Lahore, Prof. Dr. Murtaza [ ]. Jun 03,  · Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing (PIFD) held final year thesis display exhibition where a large faction showed up to appreciate the work Please subscr.

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PIFD Thesis Display 2015

Moreover, the thesis display was an interesting mix of fusion themes that brought out unique concepts and showcased the potential talent and growth of young Pakistani designers. Published in The. The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) holds its annual thesis display from the 12 th to 17 th of June this year.

It is an event marked by grandeur, hospitality, and extremely high expectations. The graduating students take this event to be the acme of their hard work, setting up their.

Since our short thesis published, Universal Display declined ~50%, bringing its value far closer to our Realistic scenario target price ($75).

AIFD student’s thesis display

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Thesis display
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