The setting of the verger

He liked things in church to be just so, but he never fussed; he was not like this new man who wanted to have his finger in every pie.

It is as though Albert is driven not by profit but by a desire to be the best that he can be. Starting as a page-boy in the household of a merchant-prince he had risen by due degrees from the position of fourth to first footman, for a year he had been single-handed butler to a widowed peeress and, till the vacancy occurred at St.

Albert Edward was a trifle surprised to find the two churchwardens there. A checklist sets forth the minimum steps possible in a process and makes them explicit.

No, there was no doubt about it. From being answerable to others the vicar Albert Edward has become his own boss. Though some critics might suggest that The setting of the verger a verger is an important role in the church.

He prefers to keep it for weddings and funerals. It is this same dedication that had previously made him a successful verger. I discovered to my astonishment that you could neither read nor write.

He brought his invention to Thamus, the king of Egypt, and explained how he believed it would benefit mankind. In fact, he traveled the world in search of unique characters who would provide inspiration for his stories and novels.

He was tall, spare, grave and dignified. Below are a few factoids from the book. That it has an element of prestige. His wife said it was a dreadful come-down after being verger of St.

At a church like St. Albert Edward faced them, the table between him and them and wondered with slight uneasiness what was the matter. He had saved a tidy sum, but not enough to live on without doing something, and life seemed to cost more every year. This may be important as Maugham may be suggesting that appearance is important to Albert Edward.

Considering it more appropriate to wear the new gown for these occasions. Albert Edward was a non-smoker and a total abstainer, but with a certain latitude; that is to say he liked a glass of beer with his dinner and when he was tired he enjoyed a cigarette. I have something to say to you.

He remembered still the occasion on which the organist had got in trouble and the bother they had all had to hush things up.

From defeat Albert Edward manages to grasp victory and eventually owns ten shops. Tobacco and sweets, you know. Something that is noticeable by the fact that Albert Edward resigns his position from the church. Whereas the vicar may have been driven by his own inflated ego.

Army Air Corps brass in Words are not things but reminders of things, or "aids to reminiscence," as Socrates says.Summary. Foreman had been the assistant (verger) to several priests who worked in St.

Peter’s parish. He was most dedicated to his work and kept the purity of the work (he was next to the priest in offering prayers, etc.) He was a good man. He had worked for sixteen years when a new priest took duty of the church. "The Setting Of The Verger" Essays and Research Papers The Setting Of The Verger The Verger by W.

S. Maugham There had been a wedding that afternoon at St. Peter's Church, and Edward Foreman still wore his verger's gown. Summary [icon] | This section requires expansion. (March ) | During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne Frank received a diary as one of her presents on.

The Verger by W. Somerset Maugham 3 Oct Dermot W. Somerset Maugham Cite Post In The Verger by W. Somerset Maugham we have the theme of appearance, opportunity, dedication, independence and humility.

Summary Albert Edward Foreman is a verger since sixteen years. He like his job and does it as good as he can. Recently the vicar has died and a new one had been appointed.

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Albert regretted his predecessor because the new one always wanted to control everything. The vicar has a special talent, which is to make babies stop crying. The Verger Checklist Manifesto Each week, members receive a summary email about the week's post.

If you want to manually subscribe to the blog, you can do so by clicking HERE. The Verger Checklist Manifesto; A Verger without a Chimere and Virge is — a Verger.

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The setting of the verger
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