The question of whether medication should or should not be a treatment option for add

Talk with your doctor if irritability, anger, or manic behavior become an issue. Four treatment programs were compared: These drugs typically offer similar benefits to stimulants, but act in a different way on the brain.

Find out everything you can about the ADHD medication you or your child is taking, including potential side effects, how often to take it, special warnings, and other substances that should be avoided, such as over-the-counter cold medication. Parents should also note that a child might begin to show withdrawal symptoms when a dose wears off, and might need tips for avoiding this.

For young children especially, medication should be viewed as a last resort, not the first course of treatment to try. Even if all is well, check in by phone two weeks after beginning medication and schedule a visit one month after for a follow-up. Antidepressants which target the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine are the most effective.

Treatment & Care

If necessary, see if their teacher will allow for computer use in the classroom. Behavior therapy gives parents the skills and strategies to help their child. Encourage your child to put down the video games and play outside. Continue reading about psychotherapy and other treatments for ADHD in the next section.

While most agreed strongly that if they had to do it over again they would still have their child take medication 52 percent44 percent agreed strongly that they wished there was another way to help their child besides medication, and 32 percent agreed strongly that they worried about the side effects of medication.

What is the decision to put my child on medication based on? Call the doctor immediately if your child shows agitation, irritability, suicidal thinking or behaviors, and unusual changes in behavior. Always call the doctor with questions.

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Ask about using a computer in class For some children with ADHD, handwriting is another obstacle to success. Try to make sure that waking up, bedtime, homework, and even playtime are done at consistent times.

We asked parents how strongly they agreed with a number of statements about having their child take medication.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself or your child tackle the challenges of ADHD and lead a calmer, more productive life. Strattera Suicide Risk in Children Strattera may cause an increase in suicidal thoughts and actions in some people, especially if children and younger adults who have bipolar disorder or depression in addition to ADHD.

Lawrence Robinson, Melinda Smith, M.Medication can help children with ADHD in their everyday life, and medication treatment may be an effective way to manage ADHD symptoms. Medication is an option that may help control some of the behavior problems that have led to trouble in the past with family, friends and at school.

Treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder approved for the treatment of attention deficit disorder. These non-stimulant medications include Strattera (atomoxetine, a selective. Questions all Patients Should ask Their Pharmacist about Their Medications.

It is extremely important that you understand the medicines that your doctor prescribes for you. To be sure you have all of the information you need, ask your pharmacist these questions about your medications.

or treatment. You should not rely entirely on. Deciding whether or not to take ADHD medication. Even when armed with all the facts, deciding whether or not to take ADD/ADHD medication isn’t always easy.

If you’re unsure, don’t rush the decision.

Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Take your time to weigh the options. And if the medication is for your child, be sure to get his or her input in the decision-making process. "Blood pressure should be measured, since medications that treat ADHD sometimes cause a slight increase in blood pressure," says Michael L.

Goldstein, M.D. It should be checked before starting medication, and at least once while the child is taking medication. ADHD Treatment Options. you and your child’s doctor should work together to decide if medication is a good option.

ADHD Treatment Options

If so, ask the doctor whether your child needs medication during school.

The question of whether medication should or should not be a treatment option for add
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