The government should not spend money

And further government funded research, which I think is a good use of government money, is being put into trying to get a better handle on regional-scale changes, including areas which paradoxically as a result of global warming get colder.

Federal Spending: Where Does the Money Go

State government has less responsibility for maintaining a military than the Federal government, for example, and I think more social programs should be State, not Federal, in scope. As such, corrections spending has expanded to become the second fastest growing area of state budgets-trailing only Medicaid.

That we already have such worry is shameful All that is considered for security, internal, national, and international; military, national guard, emergency services, police force, fire fighting, medical response, hospitals, including a public health care alternative etc.

MmeBergerac February 4th,9: For all welfare there should be some form of means testing, however assets such as a primary residence should not be part of the calculation. Expect this to be a recurring theme - shorter-termed threads on potential hot-button topics.

The allies defeated the Axis during the second world war, yet there are still people in society who adhere to the principles of the German government of the time. This is an issue where the GOP could make common cause with progressive Democrats.

Conservative fearmongering is mostly an excuse to plunder the safety net. Bush, gross domestic product grew by about 15 percent, and spending grew by a whopping 57 percent.

I see what you did there: Importing cheaper drugs from Canada and laws regulating private insurers to prevent them from dropping patients or refusing to pay for procedures are changes I would welcome. We are venturing way off topic!

They are allowed to do this because the parents pay into it. I am a great supporter of universal benefits ie not means tested but resources are limited and governments cannot always be fair.

An article in the Associated Press quotes a Tea Party Patriots leader saying, "The widely held sentiment among Tea Party Patriot members is that every item in the budget, including military spending and foreign aid, must be on the table As you can see, both parties are responsible for the loose purse strings that are creating all kinds of economic headwinds for the U.

InPresident Obama signed legislation reducing the disparity in sentencing guidelines between crack and powder cocaine, which like much of the drug war has a disproportionate impact on blacks.

There was no reason given as to how this experiment would benefit the public. How about the long run?

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The purpose of the snow cone machines was two-fold. Giving tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs I would have been more supportive of the bailouts in general had those who received tax payer money had there been stipulations on the loans and spending.

That this is a good idea should be clear. They pay because their government forces them to pay with the promise that those benefits will be available to them.

Everyone who has served has given some portion of their life to our country and they deserve to be cared for, and cared about, by the government. Maybe progressives can convince the Tea Party to meet them halfway and get rid of the truly noxious stuff first. People should be allowed to keep as much of the money they make as possible, and control over social programs should be at the most local level whenever possible.

Strong-on-defense types and neoconservatives still set the tone on foreign policy. Obama took office—will be Rep.

Here’s a List of Stupid Things the Government Spends Money On

Getting back to the point of spending if a person wants to send their child to a private school which teaches such things well and good.

The question of whether the government should engage in short-term spending to stimulate the economy will always be controversial. Midnightsfire February 5th,5: I fully support programs like VA and the GI bill that are there to help out those who have served in the armed forces.Should the government spend more money for space exploration or the military?

I think that the government needs to spend less on the military and use what we have now in the military.

We do not need more then 10 nukes, let alone 7, nukes. Should Government Spend or Invest Money? In order to ensure long-term economic prosperity, states and localities should focus on investment.

Feb 15,  · The government should not spend money on researching health cases, such as cancer, unless the disease or disorder can be publicly transmitted and poses a general public health risk.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

Transportation, such as railroads and aviation should be government funded, interstate roads should be funded, but local roads should be funded by local and state.

As well as protecting science, we also want the Government to invest money so that it can act on the recommendations set out in England’s new cancer strategy. And we have written to the Chancellor to tell him where investment is required.

Inthe Government provided £ million through this fund, supporting charities to spend a. The day that most people in the country agree about how money should be spent at the government level in the U.S.

will probably never come. However, there are a few things that most people can agree are pretty crazy when it comes to the things the government is willing to pay for. Seems like huge waste of money, or a strange way to spend. Sep 27,  · Best Answer: It's not the government's money, it's the taxpayers' money.

The government shouldn't spend money to try to fix the environment, what it should do is give tax breaks to people and companies that are green or take steps away from using polluting practices in lieu of more environmentally sound Status: Resolved.

The government should not spend money
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