Regulatory focus theory and magic wand

Achievement orientations from subjective histories of success: Student B uses a prevention-focus orientation where the goal is something that should be realized because it fulfills their need for securityprotection and prevention of negative outcomes.

Regulatory Focus Theory

Vaughn, Leigh Ann, Sarah J. If a person experiences feelings of wrongness they will suffer negative emotions and deem the experience and information as a threat to their regulatory fit and therefore a threat to their regulatory focus and their goal.

An overview, with additional reading suggestions, for E. Regulatory focus principles may be applied to online searches, as the terms consumers enter into search engines are indicators of whether they are motivated by promotion or prevention concerns.

They both feel more comfortable in persuading their goal. American Psychologist, 52 12— Student A uses an eager approach where they read extra materials to obtain their goal of an A. Whether searching online or offline, social psychological theories such as regulatory focus theory propose that people make decisions and pursue goals largely for their utilitarian value: Regulatory fit does not increase the assessment of a decision ; instead when someone feels "right" about their decision, the experience of "correctness and importance" is transferred to the ensuing assessment of the chosen objectincreasing its superficial worth.

Practical implications The results of this study provide a possible framework for ad creation for Internet advertisers.

The outcome in this experiment would have been different if the students were given an undesirable choice. Consistent with prior work, we hypothesized that consumers holding a promotion focus towards a relevant service as indexed by the regulatory focus of the search terms used would be more likely to respond to a message that described the service in promotion rather than prevention terms.

To be included in the present study, participants were required to be located in the United States and search specific keywords on Google. This focus is more concerned with higher level gains such as advancement and accomplishment.

How Fit Increases Job Satisfaction. The impact of regulatory fit on narrative engagement and persuasion. The impact of motivation is considered calculated and this creates a greater sense of commitment to the goal.

Prevention-focused consumers have been found to prefer products with utilitarian performance-related attributes, whereas promotion-focused consumers prefer products with hedonic attributes Chernev, The decision has positive value when people attempt to attain their goal in a way that fits their regulatory orientation and it will have negative value when people attempt to attain their goal in a way that does not fit their regulatory orientation.

The value taken from interaction and goal attainment can be either positive or negative. The study involved an advertisement for a grape juice drink, which they split into two to create prevention-focus concerns disease-preventing and then promotion-focus concerns energy enhancement.

Advertisements that focus on means compatible with the regulatory focus of a consumer are more effective than advertisements expressing incompatible means for reaching a goal Cesario et al.

Findings Logistic regression analyses demonstrated that there was a strong main effect for keyword, such that users were almost six times as likely to click on a promotion advertisement as a prevention advertisement, as well as a main effect for compatibility, such that users were twice as likely to click on an advertisement with content that was consistent with their keyword.

Goal Attainment and Motivation in Regulatory Focus Theory Edit Regulatory Focus Theory, according to Higgins, views motivation in a way that allows an understanding of the foundational ways we approach a task or a goal [10].

In contrast, people who pursue a service or product with a prevention orientation should respond more favorably to advertisements that tout how the produce can ensure safety, security, and stability. Research suggests that the "feeling right" experience can then sway retrospective or prospective evaluations.

Student B uses a prevention-focus orientation where the goal is something that should be realized because it fulfills their need for security. Individuals can pursue different goals with diverse regulatory orientations and in unlike ways. The extent of similarities between closely related theories of RFT, such as ones stated above, make it hard to clarify when this theory is applicable or apparent in respect to the persuasion process.

American Psychologist, 52 This study tests the following regulatory focus hypotheses using real online searches. Within the Google search engine, participants searched using both prevention- and promotion-focused keywords relevant to the OurRelationship program.

How regulatory fit enhances motivational strength during goal pursuit. Advertisers who rely on the internet to market products or services face substantial challenges: Moreover, the Hong study demonstrates that momentary activation of regulatory fit remains after exposure to incongruent information, which is critical when considering the context of internet search engines, where consumers will likely be exposed to multiple messages that vary in regulatory focus.

From a management standpoint, a marketing campaign is more likely to maximize return on investment when it is able to describe a product in a way that appeals to either consumer.Regulatory Focus Theory and Magic Wand. than a tree?

How would this change your life? Describe how it would affect a typical day for you. If I were five years older, I would. What would happen if there were no television? Make a list of all of the reasons this would be good and make a list of all of the reasons this would be bad. Regulatory focus theory was the child of self-discrepancy theory and the parent of regulatory fit theory.

As the child of self-discrepancy theory, it distinguishes between self-regulation in relation to hopes and aspirations (promotion ideals) versus self-regulation in relation to duties and obligations (prevention oughts). What is Regulatory Focus Theory? Regulatory Focus Theory (RFT) has been found to predict motivation, memory, task enjoyment, creativity and emotion (Förster et al., ).

Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to test the utility of regulatory focus theory principles in a real-world setting; specifically, Internet hosted text advertisements.

Regulatory focus theory and the entrepreneurial process Joel Brockner*, E. Tory Higgins, Murray B.

Application of Regulatory Focus Theory to Search Advertising

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Regulatory focus theory

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Regulatory focus theory and magic wand
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