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The 15th Anniversary Concert recording is a special compilation album with 12 songs of beautiful melodies, upbeat rhythms, and a selection of wonderful vocalists from Eversound.

Peaceful harmony and poetic verses are gently brought to life on the 10 songs that are magnificently serene and light to the touch, yet show inner depth and romantic intensity. Thirty-One Nights by Nicholas Gunn. The best-selling recording artist Steven Halpern is accepted as one of the earliest originators of healing music.

Based on a legendary love story, Damayanti features instrumentals of Randy Copus performing piano, electric cello, lead guitar and bass guitar. Also included are some abandoned experiments as well as demo material which guided the ultimate master recordings. Echoes of Creation by David Arkenstone.

This concludes my Best Electronic Albums — recommendations. Multiple award winning composer and producer Mark Barnes has another hit album by the release Alive, which features 20 brilliant electronic, instrumental songs.

Pat Metheny

You may find more about the artist at R-Gleisberg. Best of all, Reflections reveals another aspect of Candice Night, and her many talents for producing popular crossover music in a contemporary theme you are sure to love.

The masterful instrumentals by Kitaro on keyboards, Native Indian Flute, percussion, and ethnic woodwinds equally embolden this unifying message of peace. The 10 original songs are arranged in his signature style, which is remarkably unique and far from commonplace. Olsen — December 1, This concludes my Best Instrumental Albums recommendation.

Miriam Stockly is a beautiful vocalist in — and Love Rages On! Craig Karolus has only recently begun to market his music, but I also thought Craig is one of the best new artists. The artist title 7and5 is the name independent artist John H. The Play is 11 songs of new orchestral music in by legendary cinematic composer Vangelis.

Find more about the artist at ElikaMahony. This is forbidden by our terms of service. Diverse in his song writing aptitude, David Arkenstone, and his always popular music collection is an array of ambient, Celtic, contemporary instrumental, world, electronic, and new age fusion.

Our automated banning policies are not perfect and sometimes too strict, and some IP addresses are banned by accident. Take a minute to sample Spectrum, and the world-class music of Hennie Bekker.

Kathrin Manz performs live concerts in Europe, and in my eyes, qualifies as one of the very best albums I have listened to this year in the Electronic, Ambient genre.

Truth Of Touch is an sensational studio composition of pure refinement.

Layin' da Smack Down

For the artist specializing in electronic music high-tech synthesizers and equipment are the instruments used to create an extraordinary orchestra of sound. The most interesting feature with Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is the futuristic blend of electronic landscapes set to vocal overlays in a neo-classical, ambient fusion.

For me, it takes only a moment to recall the collective number of excellent new releases public relations persons, promoters, and artists sent to me for a review during The elite musical focus they have engraved for themselves has resulted in an enormous following in North America, South America, Europe and Japan.

Popular music given by a popular music duo is a good indication that you will love every verse of Winter Poem. Likewise, I am confident you will find some of my January 1, recommendations made today will be included in various top album awards ceremonies later this year.


Today I am pleased to present my yearly award recommendation for the best electronica releases I sampled or reviewed in One interesting aspect of Kathrin Manz is her style, which conveys an elegant synthesis of ambient, techno, house music, and electronic dance in the fashion of Tangerine Dream, yet shows her gifted ability as composer of original music.

This exclusive collection of piano music with 17 top-quality songs by 17 great pianists was produced by Reviews New Age founding editor and blog host, Alejandro Clavijo from Spain.

The 12 songs on Badlands is a moving canvas of Americana music at its finest, honoring traditions of American roots and Western culture in contemporary style.

This is the fourth Nomination within the past four years, for the esteemed recording artist, psychologist, author and lecturer. AOMusic shares a genuine message of unity on their release with an album title proclaiming — and Love Rages On!

Walkin' Bank Roll

Enter your email address. As the year progresses, it will be a privilege to keep you informed about the best new albums in with my review and interview publications. Unconditional is a passionate musical portrait by the beautiful union of contemporary instrumentals and piano music.

Their high ambitions have paid dividends by rewarding us with an outstanding collection of new albums and songs during the past year. Mark Barnes has a flair for producing award-winning music, and this is true for release Alive. Secret Garden recently completed a live concert tour in Norway.Project Pat latest new mixtapes for free streaming and download.

Patrick Houston (born February 8, ), better known as Project Pat is an American rapper and actor from Memphis, is the older brother of Juicy J, the co-founder of Three 6 Mafia. Currently Houston is a member of a mini-hip hop group The Kaze he joined the group in the same year that the album entitled "KamiKaze.

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Project Pat

Find the best new music produced by top artists at New Age Music World. Top album awards page for best instrumental, new age and world music albums and songs. Today's Free Photo for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Project Pat began his career with appearances on his brother Juicy J's early releases with DJ Paul in the early s.

After serving several years in prison for robbery charges and disappearing from recording, he re-emerged in with the solo album Ghetty Green, Genres: Hip hop, Trap, horrorcore, Gangsta rap.

Project pat albums
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