Prejudice against muslims and islamic fundamentalism essay

The Macquarie dictionary defines fundamentalism as: The Quest for Purity. The Case of Islam. Fundamentalism as a case of arrested development. Even though they never want to take the time to really know who you are. The audience for these religious programmes is increasing day by day.

This situation is indirectly connected to a further cause of fundamentalism, failure of the Church or the relevant institution in non-Christian religions to enforce the true meanings of the sacred scriptures.

In addition however, the Muslims see Western imperialist superiority as the greatest threat to their culture. However much greed may figure in the cause of fundamentalism, I speculate that it is insignificant compared to the basic fear of starving to death or becoming a human machine in an urban slum to satisfy the dictates of an irresponsible, inhuman bureaucracy.

Socio-economic problems are never far behind other causes of fundamentalism.

Fundamentalists may be secular or religious, part of major organisations or minor cults and observe their beliefs quietly in private or try to convert others through high-powered public performances.

In addition to this fear or perhaps more an extension of it, is the fear that after the demise of the psycho-physical organism there will be no afterlife.

Fear of these two absolutes are the two most important reasons that have driven humans to develop religions and then to explain and control the natural environment. It is from this radical psychological perspective that this paper is orientated.

Not all fundamentalist movements have all of the above characteristics but they have a majority of them in varying degrees of intensity. Whether in New York, NevadaOklahoma, or Tennesee, Camp Anytown trains young people to recognize and overcome stereotypes and prejudice.

To paraphrase Fromm, choosing not to be adjusted to a sick society is an attempt to achieve psychic wholeness, showing neurotic symptoms in this respect is a sign that there is still hope.

Fundamentalism exists in all countries and in all religious faiths, its members have many common traits and as separate movements have some quite disparate secondary causes. Whether fundamentalists belong to major religions or minor cults, they see external events which threaten the way they believe life should be lived, as a major evil force.

Secular fundamentalisms such as: Christian fundamentalism believes the Bible to be word of God, who is responsible for all creation.

His work is published in journals, anthologies, online, and in books.The reality is much more complex, for fundamentalist Islam has a much longer history, and the threat it continues to pose to Western Democracy, even today, had been growing and.

Fundamentalism: Useful Essay on Fundamentalism! The term ‘fundamentalism’ refers to adherence to earlier accepted religious doctrines and is often accompanied by a literal application of historical beliefs and scriptures to today’s world (Schaefer and Lamm, ).

This is an important cause of Islamic “fundamentalism” and the basis of jihad or Holy War (Lawrence, (b) p).

Fundamentalism: Useful Essay on Fundamentalism

As an example of this fear of colonialism, the recent assassination of Tahar Djaout, an Algerian writer and journalist, was an attempt by Algerian Muslims to stop this man’s progressive ideas undermining their culture. Prejudice of the Islamic faith is continuously growing as many Americans refrain from widening their education and understanding of the difference between the terrorists and perfectly humane members of the Muslim culture.

Ever since September 11, Americans along with the majority of the world’s population have been skeptical of Muslims.

Stereotypes and Prejudice

It’s a sad reality but it’s hard for people to think of a Muslim without linking them directly to terrorism. Muslims have felt especially vulnerable to stereotypes that so readily pair the word “Muslim” with “fundamentalist,” “terrorist” or “holy war.” “I used to think that all Jews were against Muslims, but now I see that is untrue.” Camp Anytown trains young people to recognize and overcome stereotypes and prejudice.

Prejudice against muslims and islamic fundamentalism essay
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