Observation essay on personal social and emotional development

Behaviourism focuses on the process of language acquisition, it suggest Observation essay on personal social and emotional development children learn through observation and reinforcement.

April 11, 11 Minutes This essay seeks to critically evaluate my role as a child observer. Good relationship between social workers and services users are central to the effectiveness of good anti-oppressive practice.

For example the child was not told that I will be observing her. Furthermore, her social interaction was impressive, she played and interacted well with her peers and did not exhibit any sign of isolation. As this was my first observation, I was a bit anxious about how Sara might react about me watching her, and while her parents consented about the observations, Sara did not know that I am here to observe her; it is this scenario that made me uncomfortable.

But having read the deference perspectives about children development helped me understand and gave me a basic knowledge about child development. I have also talked about how my understanding of child development was very limited and the module contents and the child observations boosted my understanding immensely.

During my observation, I noticed that while Sara was not able to initiate her own speech, she was able to copy and say what she saw or heard. When a conflict arises between two children, it is sometimes necessary for a teacher to physically place herself between the two children and provide the appropriate words to work through the conflict.

Over time and with plenty of adult direction, these words and behaviors will become more automatic for children. In addition, I mentioned the child I observed was the same racial background as mine, and felt that I might not get sufficient learning in terms of anti-oppressive and anti-discriminately practice, and because as a potential social worker, it is vital that I need to be exposed to other cultures.

Preschoolers most important relationships are with their parents and other family members, but they are beginning to form friendships with peers and those outside of their families.

For example; early in the observation, Sara was not talking and was mostly sitting quietly and I did not want to upset her. The day-care centre gave me permission to observe her, but not to interact and interfere with her educational activities.

Katz and Diane E. Because I have learned something I knew, but did not realise that I knew it. As child observation has become an important tool for understanding child development, issues such ethics, values and anti-oppressive practice needs to be taken into account.

One of the best ways to discourage inappropriate aggression is to model prosocial behavior. The observation and my ongoing learning of aspect of human growth module allowed me to become aware of positions of power and how such power can impact child development. Before the observation, I rarely thought and tried to find out how children develop their language skills.

To my surprise at Social care and the law, Buckingham and Philadelphia: Children learn appropriate prosocial behaviors mostly through observational learning, which is why it is always important that teachers model positive prosocial skills with the children as well as the adults you interact with.

All preschoolers develop on their own schedule. I looked at the various perspectives in relation to child development, what do they have in common and where they differ, their strengths and weaknesses.

However, because this kind of feeling is common among student child observers, gave me some comfort and internal support. Teachers can provide ample opportunities for children to work together in twos and small groups.

I was anxious watching Sara in such an intimate way, and thought this could be intrusive to her personal space. Learn to use observation to evaluate the milestones of emotional development. In one occasion, I observed Sara naming shapes. Sara is three and half years old and still is not talking, she says very few words and she seemed to be way behind compared with her peers.

Why do we need to know child development? I have also talked about how anti-oppressive practice is vital when dealing with vulnerable service users, and those intend to work with children need to be made aware the statuary legislations that underpin child protection and Human rights.

Preschool teachers should observe students for signs of these milestones on several different occasions. Helping, sharing, comforting, and cooperating with other children and adults will all show the children in your care appropriate interpersonal skills.

When I enquired how Sara learned these, objects, I was told she uses ipad at home. A good knowledge of child development and understanding theories that underpin such knowledge is essential, because it allows us to understand the concept of child development, hence theories of child development.

Shows ability to separate from family Adjusts to new situations Follows class routines and rules Respects and takes care of environment and materials Plays well with others Is able to make friends slide 4 of 4 Fostering Social-Emotional Development in the Preschool Classroom There are several ways preschool teachers can structure their classroom environment to provide opportunities for children to practice social skills.

Sara was playing with her peers away from where I was.Read this essay on Emotional Development Observation.

Essay on Child Observation

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. On the other hand, positive caregiver-child interactions are said to facilitate social-emotional development (Walker et al., ).

This is especially true in. Jun 28,  · Essay on Child Observation. Nassir Hassan Social and aspects that can disrupt ‘normal’ child development. Throughout the essay, I will critically examine and reflect on the process of undertaking my observation.

and biases and as result I have gained basic knowledge of child development. The observation and my ongoing.

Emotional and Social Development Observation - Essay Example

Emotional Development Research Emotional Development essays analyze emotional development in the stages of life; from Infant to Adolescence.

Social development and emotional development are closely related because children learn how to understand and express emotion by watching how Child Development Observation - This is a research. OBSERVING SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Personal Development. Babies prefer familiar carers with whom they can form an emotional attachment.

It is through positive early relationships that the baby develops independence and learns that people are trustworthy. I. Personal and Social Development Background and Criteria The personal and social development domain includes the skills necessary for emotional and social competence in young children.

Teachers learn about children’s sense of responsibility to themselves and development—through ongoing observation, conversations with children, and. Observation Essay On Personal Social And Emotional Development.

child’s social and emotional development.A child absorbs a huge amount of information as soon as it’s born. He or she gets most of that information from the parents or siblings therefore these are the people that are responsible for the child’s early learning.

The family shows factors of concern, sympathy, respect.

Observation essay on personal social and emotional development
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