Notes from the midnight driver book report

He begins to notice the way the nursing home is run, seeing that the residents are often bored with very little to do.

Notes from the Midnight Driver

I pushed my hair all the way up off my forehead, the alcohol-soaked wipe touched my wound, and I sobered up REAL fast, just as Sarge was putting his cup of steaming liquid on the desk blotter. You ruined my brand new shoes, smashed up your car, and decapitated Mrs.

Book Review: Notes from the Midnight Driver By Jordan Sonnenblick

But wait, it gets worse when the person he is supposed to assist turns out to be a pretty vicious character, out to destroy whatever spine was left in him.

Sarge found a new pair of pants, and came back. Slowly, Alex realizes that he needs to stop being so self-centered. Sure enough, an arm and a leg were sticking out from underneath the left front wheel. Which got it all gory again. I threw on my Yankees jacket, slammed my way out of the house, got into the car and started it.

There was no body in sight. I rest my case. Up jumped my arm. And that is where Alex develops a deeper understanding about relationships, the futility of carrying a grouse through the life and the meaning of true forgiveness.

Then I would speed through the deserted, moonlit streets, straight and true as a homing missile, or at least straight and true as a sober person who actually knew how to drive. Also, perhaps I am slow highly probablebut I did not see the connection at the end coming, until about 4 chapters out.

He reveals that he used to be a renowned Jazz guitarist, although his career has since faded and few people remember him.

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So much young adult literature tends to focus on heavy and serious subjects. Up flew the coffee. Full study guide for this title currently under development. These discoveries allow him to channel his energy toward more positive pursuits like organizing a concert at the nursing home and mending fences with his parents.

Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick - PDF free download eBook

Up jumped the handcuff.Notes From The Midnight Driver By: Jordan Sonnenblick Pages: Genre: REalistic Fiction Hook Passage Hook Passage We finished. People clapped.

Notes From The Midnight Driver Summary

We packed up. Annette and I helped Steven get his drums out to his mom's car while all of the residents except Sol went back to their floors for the night. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Notes From The Midnight Driver at Read honest and unbiased product reviews 0 Comment Report abuse out of 5 stars Great for adults, too!

By Andi on April This is my second Jordan Sonnenblick book, and this one actually has appearances from both Steven and. Aug 30,  · Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick i need a website or a short summary of this book. pleasee!Status: Resolved.

The book Notes from the Midnight Driver was a very entertaining book that can interest those of any age. I rated this book five out of five stars for its amazing characters and interesting plot.

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I also liked how the author added in characters from is other books, that made me chuckle a bit/5. Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick in CHM, FB2, RTF download e-book.

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Notes from the midnight driver book report
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