Literature review on indian automobile industry

This article even explained the significant information on automobile sector of India and even specified the information on growth and development of Indian automobile industry.

The information on short term and long term sectors of Indian automobile industries are explained clearly. These reasons lead to huge demand for automobile vehicles in India and for this reason many automobile companies are offering wide range of vehicles according to customer preferences.

Literature Review On Automobile Industry In India – 361214

India is having huge benefits because of managing automobile industries as its major sector and it is getting many technological benefits, cost and manpower advantages etc. The information and statistics on Indian automobile industry is included in this article, which can be considered as the most significant aspect in the entire research process.

Indian automobile industry offers different types of automobiles such as cars, scooters, bikes, busses, trucks, jeeps, tractors and all types of two wheelers, three wheelers as well as four wheelers. The significant information on Indian automobile industry is described in this article, which is significant aspect for research process.

The future work is required in order to give a clear idea on developmental factors that lead to development of Indian auto industry. According to the report of KPM Indian automobile industry is a developed industry that is having high opportunities when we compare among the others industries.

Research work is required in order to specify the detailed statistics on these aspects that reveals the standard of Indian automobile industry in the world. Indian market is an open door for many opportunities and it is having wide range of employment opportunities.

According to the World automobile statistics, India is the fast growing market sector for cars in the year and it is the second largest two wheeler market sector in the world and third largest three wheeler dealer in the world.

According to this statistics India is the fourth largest market, which is having high tractor sales in the world. Indian automobile industry includes nearly huge firms as well as small scare registered firms that are offering automobile services to the customers.The review of literature guides the researchers for getting better understanding A review of these analyses is important in order to develop an approach that can be employed in the context of the study of Indian automobile industry.

Therefore, the present chapter reviews the empirical. IJRMET Vo l.

2, Issu E 2, May - oc T ISSN: (Online) | ISSN: (Print) 22 InternatIonal Journal of research In MechanIcal engIneerIng & technology Indian Automobile Industry: A Review. May 16,  · Review of Literature vehicle segment of the automobile industry in the terms of four financial parameters Indian automobile industry itself as a manufacturing hub and many joint Determinants of Competitiveness of the Indian Auto Industry – ICRIER 18.

The study represents the figures of Indian Automobile Industry during the period to The study has been conducted considering the segments such as passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, utility vehicles, Figure 1: Evolution of the Indian Automotive Industry Literature Review: Every major shift in policies made by the Indian.

Literature Review on Automotive Industry Sep 20, By Ram in MBA Projects, MBA Seminar Topics, MS Dissertation Projects No Comments The report of (FICCI) specified the overview of automotive industry of India and explained the added advantages of automobile industry in India.

1 Literature Review Automobile Industry Abhijeet Singh and Brijesh Kumar () Hero Honda Motors Ltd, is running a program called Good life Passport to Relationship Reward, with .

Literature review on indian automobile industry
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