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If necessary, this could be divided into postcode, city etc. Should the images in this document are unreadable or otherwise do not work, I have provided the copies in the zip file. If an assistant is always capable of being a bus Infs 724 assignment, and vice versa, assistant could be merged with driver.

Be sure to use your IDE to accomplish this Infs 724 assignment. The screen captures should document your successful use of the IDE. Dept attribute was added to phone and fax, which represents who or what the phone or fax will connect to.

Total participation is shown by the min max notation and not by double lines, although the lines between a weak entity and its identifying relationship have been shown as double lines. Your deliverables include your Java files.

A no argument constructor that creates a default headphone. This is because multiple emails and websites were not specified in the assignment specification, but multiple phone and fax numbers were.

A private boolean data field named Infs 724 assignment that specifies if the headphone is plugged in. Assistant may not be a bus driver, and bus drive may not be an assistant.

Also, that retrieval of a phone or fax number would always be joined with the company that uses the number; this is why the unique company ABN has been included with each phone and fax number — which should improve efficiency.

The default value if false. The min max notation has been used, with double lines to indicate weak entities and their identifying relationship. I am not a great admirer of inserting large images into Word documents, as they sometimes do not appear as they should.

Street is an atomic value that may contain street numbers and various address information. State can be inferred from the postcode. The test plan should include the input, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed.

For each of the objects constructed, demonstrate the use of each of the methods. Only one email and website exists per company and per branch. Names for entities, relationships and attributes are not necessarily the same on the ER diagram and the relational schema.

Only one driver and assistant are assigned to one bus per date. It was not feasible to use a separate line for each foreign key in the relational mapping, so lines have been combined where possible. These are not necessarily all possible keys, but only those chosen to identify their entities.

This prevents a random list of phone numbers, which would not be much use to anyone — having to ring each one until they connected to sales department, for example. Your word document should include screen captures showing the successful compiling and running of each application, and a detailed description of the test plan for each application.

The Java files should be named appropriately for your applications. Phone and fax numbers need to be identified as belonging to a department, person, etc.

Buses are operated only by one company. Submit your files to the Homework 3 assignment area no later than the due date listed in the calendar. It was found to be too unreliable to use Word drawing tools, as changing font size and various other things would destroy the alignment of elements, so an image was used instead.

A method named toString that returns a string describing the current field values of the headphones. A private String data field named manufacturer that specifies the name of the manufacturer of the headphones.

Route numbers may not be unique across different companies. Drivers and assistants work for bus companies. A method named changeVolume value that changes the volume of the headphone to the value passed into the method Create a TestHeadPhone class that constructs at least 3 HeadPhone objects.

A few assumptions were made: Route beginning and ending is a single attribute. A private Color data field named headPhoneColor that specifies the color of the headphones.

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Phones and faxes may not be unique across companies in the case of internal phones etc. A private int data field named volume that specifies the volume of the headphone. Primary keys have been marked with an underline, and partial keys with a dashed underline.Smart Homework Help includes an SSL certificate that uses industry standard bit encryption technology.

This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure. Infs Assignment Words | 17 Pages.

Chapter 3 There is no ideal structure for all kinds of organizations or appropriate to single organization at different stages. It changes from situation to situation. Though Matrix organization structure is appropriate it has disadvantages like Conflict between line managers and project managers.

Department of Computer Science Nguyen Engineering Building University Drive Fairfax, VA Assignment B Semester 2 Group Members: Young Kun Kim (z) Poh Jin Shen (z) Evon Lai Yee Ven (z) $ Table of Contents Documents Similar To INFS Assignment B (Final Copy) INFS Chapter 1. Uploaded by.

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Charmaine Tay. INFS Assignment. Uploaded by. Erina Adriani Ciputra. Infs. Chapter 4 Flashcards Preview INFS > Chapter 4 > Flashcards Flashcards in Chapter 4 Deck (25): 1 Most people seem to believe that the number one behavioral issue in project management is multiple-boss reporting.

Re-assignment to less critical activities Removal from the company Removal from the project. ER diagram and final relational schema are presented as images. It was found to be too unreliable to use Word drawing tools, as changing font size and various other things would destroy the alignment of elements, so an image was used instead.

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