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Perhaps a Sydney inhabitant might tell for sure based on the pavement and the shop signs behind the girl. Equipped with a Free Hugs sign, camera, and tripod; the event was captured on video — which instantly went viral upon uploading to Youtube!

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Moore and his band moved to Los Angeles in March and nothing was immediately done with the footage. The move was criticized on Twitterhowever others opposed the campaign altogether. Sophia Evans for the Observer The man in front of me has fear in his eyes.

I get hugged by a nine-year-old boy, a pensioner and a member of the French Olympic boxing team who explains he is very sad after having lost his match. See Wikipedia is not a links directory. The original organizer has stated in interviews that the purpose is not to get names, phone numbersor dates.

Free Hugs Campaign

We also have a rule against publishing original research here. I believe Ten news simply used the available footage later to put together their own news story - of course, I have nothing to back this up. The idea is more important than the person. Mann posted the video on YouTube and it went viral, attracting 70m views.

Some people walk past the Guerrilla Huggers with understandable wariness in their eyes. Mann had reached a point of personal crisis in his own life: Everyone and their dog seems to want to be the "official" site of Free Hugs.

Just so long as you have the main active sites for promoting freehugs, there is nothing wrong with Free hugs campaign. May be Ten Newsbased on similarities of logos from this videoand [.

It started with a guy and a sign. I suggest to put a link to: This discussion should probably cover all links to domains that aim to be "official sounding", not just free-hugs.

On October 3rd,FreeHugsCampaign. Who is Juan Mann? I provided free hugs to runners as encouragement along the route. Wikipedia About The Free Hugs Campaign is an international social movement built around the individual or group practice of offering hugs to strangers in public places with no strings attached.

As of Aprilit has nearly 2. On December 20,Indian composer A. In the months prior to this, Mann had been feeling depressed and lonely as a result of numerous personal difficulties. They already had several actions organized in Vienna and some of their group members went free-hugging in events abroad as well.

Edit it for sure, add ideas, but taking it down? Hugs produced smiles and gave runners an extra boost as they ran.

I would like to clean up the article and expand the international section, but I wanted some feedback before I aggressively started to cut and paste. However, on his first attempt in his hometown, where he returned to find that he was the only person he knew, as his friends and family had moved away, he had to wait fifteen minutes before an elderly lady came up to him and gave him a hug.

I contact his friends, none of whom will tell me his real name. The man looks uneasy, a bit embarrassed and then, unexpectedly, his face breaks into a smile. Do you have a reason for including any of these at all? How can you verify, is it mentioned in an independent news coverage, etc?

People still stand on busy streets holding placards in much the same way as Juan Mann did all those years ago. I think Free is better in most cases. By October the police had got wind of it and threatened to ban the movement. Either that or Random Huggers ought to have their own separate page on Wikipedia.

However, a random hug from a stranger made an enormous difference, with Mann stating that " As a business it did not initially interact with the public directly.

Editing help is available.As others joined in, the popularity of Free Hugs grew to the point that public authorities concerned about public liability, tried to stop the campaign in October Mann submitted a 10, name petition and was permitted to continue.

Because of trademark law, Free Hugs Campaign now depicts Juan Mann in websites holding up his own name and not a Free Hugs sign as he does in real life. This is to comply with the legal rights of Jason Hunter. Free Hugs Campaign #KeepHugging. likes.

On the trail of the Free Hugs founder

To show people that they are truly LOVED and cared about! The Free Hugs Campaign is an international social movement built around the individual or group practice of offering hugs to strangers in public places with no strings attached.

This random act of kindness went viral after appearing in a music video for the Australian rock band Sick Puppies, leading to thousands of videos depicting people offering free hugs. Free Hugs Campaign – Ken Nwadike, Jr – Bio Ken E.

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Nwadike Jr is a peace activist, inspirational speaker, and video journalist popularly known as the Free Hugs Guy. Ken is the founder of the Free Hugs Project, which gained popularity as he made major news headlines for his peacekeeping efforts and de-escalation of violence during protests.

Juan Mann (freehugscampaign)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

Free hugs campaign
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