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She kept the ashes of her deceased mother with whom she confers, and who seems to hold some control over her even from the pot. The opening scene reveals the atmosphere of the town as it begins with the presence of mist followed by an establishing shot of the village.

This in turn, has helped me to understand and imagine the difficulty for Vianne and Anouk to try and fit into a town that did not want them there. I hear how Vianne and Anouk have traveled from city to city also bound by the same north wind. It has also allowed me to understand and recognize all the small but vital elements of the film, ultimately gaining a greater understanding of each character, what they represent, and the way their lifestyle contrasts and is different to the lifestyle and beliefs of others.

In other scenario when the priest practices his hip hop dancing skill; he challenges Catholic traditions because his philosophy was aim to translated Christian faith into terms that are intelligible to the wider culture.

The viewer has seen the dark blues, blacks and greys the town wears, and then sees the bright red cloaks that Vianne and Anouk wear as they enter the town. As a matter of fact, the mayor Comte De Reynaud, implements moral authority for the entire town. Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk never settle down; they moved with the north wind from place to place.

However, the film also makes me happy and proud of them that they were able to remain strong and content with the difficult situation to ultimately lead the town to accept them.

Members of the town also strongly valued their reputation, so standing out and being different was a problematic issue.

The residents of town were skeptical about purchasing chocolate, because they view opens of chocolate shop as temptation to their religion faith.

Theology is a continuing search for the fullness of the truth of God made known in Jesus Christ. This contrast is also shown in the costuming of Vianne and Anouk. It could also be perceived as representing change and transformation, expressed in the strong imagery in the opening scene where the church doors are blown open by the North Wind.

He directs the priest on what to say during church service and how to behave as priest.

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In addition, he is the one who classify individual as immoral provocateur such as in the case of Vianne Rocher and chocolate shop. Catholic Church is one of the institution that was portrays in the film Chocolat.

I would conclude that Mayor is not theologian because he is resistance to anything that challenges Catholic traditions or norms. As result, Vianne and her daughter permanently settle in the town and everyone was happy.Sample Essay.

The movie follows the life of a seemingly nomadic woman, Vianne, who sets up a small Chocolaterie with her daughter Anouk in a small village in wary mayor, Comte Paul de Reynaud, is immediately alerted and looks upon her as an.

Critical, Theological Review of the Film Chocolat Essay Words | 8 Pages. Set in ’s France, Chocolat is a film centred on the Catholic virtue of temperance, or rather the struggle to achieve temperance when the church is faced with the temptation of a year old chocolate recipe.

Essay: Plot and Character Analysis of Chocolat

Dec 22,  · "Chocolat" is about a war between the forces of paganism and Christianity, and because the pagan heroine has chocolate on her side, she wins. Her victory is delayed only because, during Lent, a lot of the locals aren't eating chocolate.3/5.

Bitter to Sweet: An Analysis of the film, "Chocolat" essaysThe implicit theme within the film, "Chocolat," can be summed up as "hope." The main character, Vianne, is a French drifter who brings her daughter with her traveling across Europe.

She comes across a little village in France that is highly. English - Chocolat movie essay Femme Fatale: Feminism versus Patriarchy as portrayed in the movie Chocolat The film, Chocolat directed by Lasse Hallström is not only another food-film in the rows of Hollywood movies but a film that embodies the taking hold of.

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English – Chocolat movie Essay Sample. Tradition is strongly portrayed throughout my film, “Chocolat”. The theme of tradition is instantly explored in the opening scene through various techniques and devices I .

Essay on the movie chocolat
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