Cosmic myths worksheet

Most of the universe we see in our telescopes no longer exists. This caused the vacuum to expand. It would mean that, between every two nearby stars, there would always be a more distant, faint star.

The universe we see in our telescopes is really out Cosmic myths worksheet As Einstein predicted in his general theory of relativity Cosmic myths worksheetgravity bends light. There is a force of gravity between the Earth and the Moon and between the Sun and the Earth.

And, just as looking into a pine forest you would see nothing but a solid wall of trees, looking out at the universe we should see nothing but a solid wall of stars. You can find out more and subscribe here.

Contrary to what they tell you at school, gravity does not always suck. All space — not to mention matter, energy, and even time — burst into being and began expanding spontaneously.

Such a universe would be so far in the future that all the stars would have burned out. The universe we live in is inside one such big-bang bubble.

Edgar Allan Poe suggested that the paradox was explained because the light from the most distant stars has not reached us yet.

Think of it as like the surface of a soap bubble. Eggs break, castles crumble and babies grow old because the universe is expanding from a Big Bang — because the most distant galaxies are flying away from us.

Cosmic Myths Worksheet

The reason things can become more disordered is obviously that they were more ordered in the past. And it has repulsive gravity, which is speeding up the expansion of the universe. However, on the larger scales — masses bigger than a galaxy cluster — the expansion was irresistible.

Even if they turn all of that energy into starlight, that starlight, like a trickle of water which falls short of filling a bath, would be insufficient to fill the universe with enough light to make the night sky on Earth as bright as day.

The Big Bang was the beginning of the universe In the beginning was the vacuum, goes the modern story. Every point of space exploded away from every other point in space.

It is as if nature helps us out by adding its own gargantuan lens to our own puny astronomical instruments, creating a telescope of truly cosmic dimensions. For most of its history, it has expanded far more slowly than this. But, though this is the view of most astronomy books and most astronomers, it is wrong.

And it seemed he had been proved right in the mids, with the confirmation that the universe had started in a Big Bang. But, in the case of the Big Bang, there was no pre-existing space. How big is the universe? Not only that but the more of it there was, the more energy it contained.

The Big Bang, however, did not occur at a particular location. However, this need not always be so, as Einstein showed. This is why we live in a universe where clusters of galaxies continue to fly apart from each other, carried like driftwood in the cosmic flow, whereas smaller objects — individual galaxies, the Solar System, the Earth — are bound together by gravity and take no part in cosmic expansion.

All across the ever-expanding sea of vacuum there formed bubbles.

Time always goes forward We associate the direction of time with the direction in which eggs break, castles crumble and people grow old. But the tremendous energy of the inflationary vacuum had to go somewhere when it decayed.

In fact, two galaxies that are twice as far apart as two others will be receding twice as fast; three times as far apart, three times as fast; and so on.

However — and this is the key — during its first split second, the universe expanded enormously faster than light.

Think for a moment what this means. Nobody knows what the dark energy is. It was a higher energy form with some amazing properties. The answers may surprise you. What all this means is that, when we look at the most distant objects in the universe, they died long before the Earth was born.

Eggs would unbreak, castles would re-assemble, people would grow young. In fact, our very best theory of physics — quantum theory — overestimates its energy density by a factor of 1 followed by zeros!

This amounts to about billion galaxies. The further across space astronomers see, the further back in time they drill. Also, in a conventional explosion, stuff flies outwards from a single point in space.Preview: Cosmic xxxx Worksheet xxxxxx two myths xxxx each of xxx following xxxx xxxxxxxxxx creation, xxxxxx afterlife, and xxxxxxxxxx Answer the xxxxxxxxx questions xxx xxx eight xxxxx Creation Myths xxxx 1 GenesisReligion xx culture xx xxxxxx HebrewMyth x The Big xxxx Theory Religion xx culture xx xxxxxx Modern xxx created the xxxxx.

Cosmic Myth Worksheet ENG/ Version 2 1 University of Phoenix Material Cosmic Myth Worksheet Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse.

Answer the following questions for all eight myths%(2). Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Antuan D Lyles Jr. Hum/ September 4, Elisabeth Nicholes Introduction Myths are said to be the answers as to how and when our world first was created and from this evolution was the birth of life on to the planet.

Cosmic Myth Worksheet Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse. Answer. MYTHOLOGY!!LESSON PLANS PAGE 2 OF 30!! How To Teach Myths about the truth in myths.

MYTHOLOGY!!LESSON PLANS PAGE 10 OF 30!! Myth Lesson 3: Myths of Beginnings Aim To discuss the explanatory purpose of myths and what they meant to their audience.

Ten cosmic myths

Creation Myths The Cosmic Egg. Cosmic Myth Worksheet Jbone Eng/ Mythology in Literature and Life Cosmic Myth Worksheet Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse.

Cosmic myths worksheet
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