An argument in favor of using cellular phones while driving if you dont use your cellular phones too

Lawmakers are again considering several bills, including one outlawing handheld cell phones while driving in school zones. Atkins asked Transportation Committee members to move the proposal forward again. Another bill, filed by Rep.

Using cell phones make it difficult to keep an eye on the outside events. During emergency situations cell phones can provide help and driver can make emergency calls, even reporting any dangerous scenario such as roadside accidents.

We should educate people on the matter, but until we are safe in letting people drive ad avoid using cell phones etc. Many accidents are caused by driver fatigue, and police officers even report pulling over drivers for DUI and finding out they are just sleepy.

I cannot tell why the states allow this while they ban texting, but it is not my job to defend them in this debate. Thanks for your argument, but I hope you take in consideration some of the things I said in this argument. Still drunk driving is a somewhat big issue.

Get permission from the doctor. The average prices of cars would rise, and should there be technical errors, it would cost more to repair the car.

Gravelle, The main advantage to avoid using cell phone during driving is ensuring safety of driver, vehicle, and other people driving on the road. Talking on the phone while driving causes the driver to lose concentration on the road.

Mark Montigny, D-New Bedford, to prohibit mobile telephones while operating a motor vehicle. I believe cell phone use should have an age limit set to it instead.

Especially during bad weather or driving on slippery roads, drivers engage in conversation pay less attention to these areas increasing risks of fatal accidents. Cell phones provide communication with greater flexibility. The major drawback of using cell phones during driving is that it distracts attention of driver.

Different studies have reported hundreds of deaths during a year because of using cell phones during driving. Increased Chances of Fatal Accidents Several researchers have proved that using cell phones during driving makes driver more exposed to fatal accidents.

Thomas McGee, D-Lynn, said phone technology has advanced so much there is no need for someone to hold the device to use it. This means that just because cell phones are among some other driving distractions does not mean that we should not find a way of dealing with them.

Cory Atkins, a Concord Democrat, said if people are not holding the phone, "you eliminate the guessing by public-safety officials who have to decide are they texting or are they dialing? However, observations, experience, and studies all have highlighted the dangerous effects of using cell phones during driving, strictly unadvisable, and an illegal matter.

Built-in speaker phone, no use of cell phone if driving over 30 miles per hour, that is not cheap. Other main reason for the explosive growth of cell phones is the safety aspect. Elizabeth Poirier, a Republican from Attleboro, would also prohibit cell phone use in school zones.

Yes, but the present is different, and we should have laws dealing with present technology, not one we can guess having in 10, 20, or 30 years in the future. Sturnguist, The nature of conversation on cell phones during driving differs and can have distinctive impacts on drivers.

Lawmakers debate ban on cell-phone use while driving

You have no control over his decision to use his phone, even though you are aware that his choice to multitask is a risky one. Furthermore, using FMs on cell phones can provide information about weather and traffic. Cynthia Creem, D-Newton, also filed a bill relative to hands-free cell phone devices, as did Sen.

There exists a direct relationship between perception and performance of a driver. But, why not dote wise thing and simply outlaw some things, namely one like cell phone usage? We can also outlaw eating etc. If the Legislature had banned the use of all handheld devices, police officials said at the time, enforcement would have been easier.

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We learn from mistakes! Atkins, who said she perennially testifies in favor of banning handheld cell phone use, acknowledged studies that point to distracted driving stemming from many sources, including children in the car.

After its passage, some police officials said the law was going to be difficult to enforce since it allows adult drivers to type in numbers to make a phone call.Cell phone use while driving.

Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. Maybe like making it illegal for anyone under 18 to drive and use their cell phones.

Plus, their are other distractions while driving a vehicle besides a cell phone. Thanks for your argument, but I hope you take in consideration some of the. Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving Cell phones were introduced in the United States market in the decade of and their usage instantly grew during next two decades.

The trend of using cell phones has increased throughout the world. issue whether there should be a nationwide ban on all cell phone use while driving.

Argument 1 Cell phone use while driving, whether being texting or talking on the phone, is a much debated and controversial topic.

Cell phone use while driving should stay legal activity

In the United States, it is already illegal to text while driving in 37 of the reduce the amount of people who use cell phones.

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Ethos. supporting an argument using the argument itself as evidence. "The use of cell phones while driving should be banned because people shouldn't talk on the phone while driving" appeal to false authority fallacy.

Do Not Use Mobile while Driving. 58 likes. Please do not use your mobile phones while driving. Your family needs you!!! As cell phones have become more popular and their use has increased, so too have cell phone-related accidents. Drivers using cellular phones are four times as likely to get into a crash that can cause injuries serious.

Lawmakers debate ban on cell-phone use while driving. The Lowell Sun including one outlawing handheld cell phones while driving in school zones. testifies in favor of banning handheld cell.

An argument in favor of using cellular phones while driving if you dont use your cellular phones too
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