American history outcome of the cold

While the Soviet Union never got directly involved in the fighting, it did supply North Korea with weapons and supplies. At the end of the war, the U. Germany was to be democratized and de-Nazified. What if President Kennedy had survived the assassination attempt?

The first novel, How Few Remainintroduced a world where, years after the war, the former USA is divided into two nations: They were hounded by law enforcement, alienated from friends and family and fired from their jobs.

One of the significant results of the Korean War was that it gave the US reason to increase its military expenditure four-fold. Renowned novelist Kingsley Amis entered alternate-history territory in with his award-winning novel The Alteration. One clause of the treaty required both countries to limit the number of deployment sites protected by an anti-ballistic missile ABM system to one each.

The essay ended there — on a cliffhanger. Western democracies had always been hostile to the idea of a communist state. Once again, this set a Cold War pattern for the US: In judicial affairs, for example, support for free speech and other civil liberties eroded significantly.

Not wanting the Soviets to grab too much territory, the US occupied the southern half of Korea, south of the 38th Parallel. She would win an Oscar — and be brainwashed. Perhaps the most intriguing was the reality in which Martin Scorsese, rather than Garry Marshall, directed Pretty Womanthe rom-com that turned Julia Roberts into a star.

This can be answered in many ways and the response would depend on who is being asked. Why Was the Cold War Important?

Containment of the growth of new communist and socialist states was the overall goal during the Cold War years. The FBI and its longtime director, J. Europe in was becoming increasingly divided by the "iron curtain" seen in this map. There was hostility on the Soviet side as well.

Americans also felt the effects of the Red Scare on a personal level, and thousands of alleged communist sympathizers saw their lives disrupted.

The Costs and Consequences of the Cold War

Winston Churchill remarked in that an "iron curtain had descended across the continent. The world, particularly Europe, was not tilted heavily towards communism. Finally, it was during the Korean War and partially because of it that the Democratic monopoly of the Presidency, going back to before World War II, finally ended with the election of Eisenhower.

One chapter mentions a fantasy novel in which the Emperor suffered a major defeat in the Belgian town of Waterloo. What if the Romans won the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest? Meanwhile, a war of independence would stir in South America. Although the United States attempted to keep the war on a very small scale, it quickly snowballed out of proportion, involving China, at times seeming as if it might become a World War III.

In this history, while Reagan died 19 years early, other people are granted extended lives. In the book, a teenage math genius is mysteriously summoned to the Smithsonian Institution inwhere he glimpses the upcoming World War II.

The elements of this agreement were stated to be in effect through Start studying american history chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

How did the conservatives of the Cold War era differ from the American conservatives of the early twentieth century? Which of the following was an outcome of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of ? The aftermath of the Cold War continues to influence world affairs. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the post–Cold War world was widely considered as unipolar, with the United States the sole remaining superpower.

After World War II, the consequences of the Soviet Union's victory over the Nazis were rejected, and a global containment of communism was elevated into a doctrine by President Truman. By the Cold War, we spurred the Soviet Union from exhaustion to great-power status, the atomic bomb, and space achievement.

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What Was the Significance of the Cold War?

Description--Total Cards. Subject. History. Level. 11th Grade. which of the following is a probable outcome when looking at the big picture? Definition.

Economy would fail: Term. After the stock market crash, banks The Cold War was a time in when communist nations and capitalist democracies mistrusted.

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Discover highlights from American history, including military events and founding documents. U.S. History and Historical Documents. Discover highlights from American history, including military events and founding documents.

What's on This Page. American History; The outcome of the four year battle () kept the.

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American history outcome of the cold
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