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The subtext of the 2 Live Crew prosecution thus becomes a re-reading of the sexualized racial politics of the past. Issues to address in writing a critique: Trading in racial stereotypes and sexual hyperbole are well-rehearsed strategies for getting some laughs.

Your essay will be graded on the following basis: The defense of 2 Live Crew took two forms, one political and one cultural, both of which were advanced most prominently by Henry Louis Gates.

Gates advances a second, cultural defense of 2 Live Crew: These characteristics may have an affinity to the energetic youth who is restless and active, to the rebellious spirit of someone who is yet unafraid or too concerned of the future and therefore, not too cautious about getting carried away with impulses.

Thus, the racism and sexism of Andrew Dice Clay could be defended in either mode as an attempt to explode the stereotypes of white racists, or simply as humor not meant to be taken seriously.

But the obscenity doctrine is, as justice Stevens said, "intolerably vague," and the result is that "grossly 2 live crew decoded treatment of similar offenders is a characteristic of the criminal enforcement of obscenity law.

As a rap music enthusiast, I have always tried to understand the negative opinions that most people have for this type of music.

It is true as well that raunchy jokes, insinuations, and boasting of sexual prowess were not meant to be taken literally.

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Then again, rebellion and intentionally being different may simply be seen as a way of craving for attention. Because the doctrine is vague, it opens the door to selecting offenders on the basis of race, Because it separates out sexuality and violence, it shields the most violently misogynistic rappers from prosecution.

While one version argues that accepting misogyny is necessary to anti-racist politics, the other argues that it is necessary to maintaining the cultural integrity of the community.

Clearly, racial humor does not always distance the audience from the racist subject, nor does it indict the wider society in which the jokes have meaning.

Singer and Activist Harry Belafonte. And for added measure: I do not mean to suggest here that the distinction between sex and violence ought to be maintained in obscenity, nor, more specifically, that the violent rappers ought to be protected.

African American Leaders React to the O. Doyou recognize the relevance of 2 Live Crew? It would be judgmental to censor them without truly understanding. At the legal "bottom line" I agree with the supporters of 2 Live Crew that the obscenity prosecution was wrongheaded.

But the reasons for my conclusion are not the same as the reasons generally offered in support of 2 Live Crew.

But if he were really concerned with the threat to Black women, why does the Central Park jogger figure so prominently in his argument? Such disregard was essential to a finding of obscenity, given the third prong of the Miller test requiring that obscene material lack any literary, artistic, or political value.

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They spoof traditional Western rhymes, rhythms and slogans and put them in a sexual context. Although the members of 2 Live Crew were eventually acquitted of charges stemming from the live performance, the Federal court determination that As Nasty As They Wanna Beis obscene still stands.Uncle Luke talks 2 Live Crew, Miami history, & exploding pipe bombs.

Green, Tony, "The Dirty South" in VIBE pp. and Gates, Henry Louis, "2 Live Crew, Decoded" and Crenshaw, Kimberle & Henry Louis Gates, "Beyond Racism and Misogyny " (5 pages) on reserve at the Main Library and on electronic reserve at.

The article “2 Live Crew, Decoded” by Henry Louis Gates Jr. examines closely the music of popular rap group 2 Live Crew to show that there is more to rap music than offensive language and themes.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Free Essays on 2 Live Crew Decoded Henry Louis Gates. Get help with your writing. 1 through The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are is the debut studio album by hip-hop group the 2 Live Crew.

It was released in on Luke Records to a great deal of controversy and promptly was certified gold by the RIAA. [2]. 2 Live Crew, Decoded by Henry Louis Gates,Jr.

[This is Gates's June 19,comment on the 2 Live Crew affair.] The rap group 2 Live Crew and their controversial hit recording As Nasty as They Wanna Be may well earn a signal place in the history of First Amendment rights.

2 live crew decoded
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